This article has been edited and upgraded with more information, sources and significant points. The growing preference therapists who are “non-judgmental” in terms of contradictory beliefs and views of their patients has seen a rise. Some incidents have come to light in the past which I have mentioned in the article. They speak of horrible experiences the clients have had in their sessions because they opened up to their therapists about the way they see society, sexual orientation etc. Women and LGBT community are the target victims of this.


According to Dr. Mathew Varghese, professor and head of psychiatry at NIMHANS, there are about 4000 psychiatrists, 1000 psychologists and 3000 mental health social workers in India. This saddening inadequacy has numerous reasons in a country with an attitude and mindset so regressive towards mental health that immorality takes a peculiar turn when prejudice comes in the way. India is taking heavy steps to walk towards seeing a day that is free of persecution but it seems like way too long a shot for a country that has itself muddled in a bog of ideologies fighting with each other to gain dominance.

It’s time we talk about this unnerving situation where a therapist denies treatment to a person or shame him/her for having contradictory views about society, politics, gender roles or sexual orientation. The range extends covering almost the entire marginalised community. A plight of such inauspicious incidents have taken a big toll on…

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