Spelunking through the persecuted corners and uneventful settings of this world, I write. I believe we all must, for us, for others. I think, every life we choose to live gives us at least one chance to figure out the wrongness around us and we must do it with reason. And that notion is something that motivates me to write, feeding me a pinch of contentment that I’m doing my part in making this world a better place. As someone being a close observer of women’s issues within the second wave of feminist struggle, I identify myself as a radical feminist. Proving yourself as a strong male ally is difficult when you have disguised forces ready to demolish the entire movement and make a joke out of it. With an impeccable interest in human psychology, movies, combat sports and books, I’m a progressive liberal, a feminist, and a freethinker who considers himself purposeless in comparison to the vastness of the cosmos but also thinks if we have the biological privilege to exist and know about things why shouldn’t we live better?

The purpose of creating this website is to have all my content from different forums gathered at one place for you to view. I take up writing jobs- content writing, essays, articles, featured posts, psychology content,  books (If I manage to find time for that) or basically anything that is destined to overthrow any sort of oppression. If you have a job and you need it done and you think I can do that, after you have read all of my content posted here, feel free to contact me in any of the emails given below. I shall reply to you in a heartbeat.

Emails: psruminates@gmail.com , prateeksharma699@gmail.com


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